Otomo Atomico – Zosen (Es) & Mina Hamada (Jp) – Book presentation & Get Together – 23/08 @ Topo Copy

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Otomo Atomico

We were happy to host and welcome our friends Zosen (Es) and Mina Hamada (Jp), who were on tour to present OTOMO ATOMICO, their new silkscreen printed artist book, limited to 57 copies signed and numbered.

This tour striked Paris, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges and Ghent! They brought more goods like, posters, t-shirts, fanzines …

Face to Face



Zosen’s shamanic enthusiasm delves into ritual, folklore, and symbolism to develop his own iconography and art practice that critiques the current social and political climate. His work builds a playful narrative with abstract characters and symbols that dance across cityscapes boldly breaking rules and expanding the dialogue with the city.Born in Buenos Aires, Zosen developed his art practice on the streets since he was 11. Moving to Barcelona at the beginning of the ’90s he was influenced by skate culture and the punk and Do It Yourself movements and started to experiment with different styles, combining “classic graffiti” and crazy characters.In 2001 became a long time member of Barcelona’s infamous ONG (Ovejas NeGras or ‘Black Sheep’) crew.Zosen continues to expand his creative practice with performance,illustration,video and collaborations with artists across the globe and he is co-founder of the street-wear label, “Animal Bandido” with designer Clàudia Font.http://www.animalbandido.com 


1981 born in NewOrleans U.S.A
grew up in Tokyo Japan
2009 September~ Moving to Spain, Barcelona
Painting, doing murals, drawing and making picture books!




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