Steamroller Printing

We Are Doing It With A Steamroller!

Giant Prints Powered by Topo Copy and the MIAT  – Museum of Industrial Archaeology and Textiles Ghent.

Twenty artists made giant prints, not on a press but on concrete with a steamroller, a type of heavy construction machinery used for flattening/compacting surfaces, such as roads or airfields … All artists prepared and carved a huge design in lino, ready to roll! During a two-day-event in july 2012 the carvings got inked and printed on ‘flags’ and paper with the aid of a steamroller.

With: Ward zwart, Dzia, Sam scarpulla, Gill Guerra, Simon everaert, Nele Fak, Topo, Marlies De Clerck, Liesbeth Feys, Cazzimir Meulemans, Eva Mouton, Bert De Geyter, Christophe Annys, Laurence De Craene, Carlos Rivero, Iris Van Geen, Robin Boone, Roeland Zijlstra, STROOK, Alexander Dumarey, Neil Gibson …

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Round of applause for Armina Ghazaryan ( and the printing department @ MIAT for a great poster!