DOK 2014 Launch Campaign & Residency


Happy to announce and proud to present the DOK 2014 Launch Campaign we’ve been working on with Topo Copy crew member Dries Deriemaeker. We created a vision, a visual identity, floating utopia, a wondrous place, … Once more we will be participating in various ways as a DOK resident in this new season, starting on the first of May. T.b.c.

‘DOK is a temporary project of a large area in the old harbor of Ghent. It’s a pleasant meeting place for young and old. DOK shows a different face every season, as a place that is constantly in motion. Together with DOK residents, DOK accommodates initiatives in terms of culture, art, sport, the socio-cultural, ecology and well-being.You can go there for concerts, circus, flea markets, exhibitions, food and drinks, sport and more.