Copybook 6 – Walk & Talk 2012


Copybook 6Walk & Talk 2012 – LE/50
‘Copy and contribute to the copybook’

Proud to be invited, Topo Copy went to the Walk & Talk Azores Public Art Festival 2012 on the island of São Miguel (Pt) and participated with various interventions. This limited edition (/50) book is the result of one of them …

Copy and contribute to the copybook’

With this slogan we collected images, sketches, drawings, copy’s, moments, memories… at the Walk&Talk 2012 meetingpoint a.k.a.galeria. Participating festival artists and visitors used our copybook installation spontaneously. One year later we finally managed to print it, just in time to be presented at W&T 2013.

Concept & Realisation: El Topo, Jonas Nachtergaele
Editing: james Wijnendaele
RISO Printed & Published by Topo Copy (BE), July 2013

All content was collected at Walk & Talk Azores Public Art Festival 2012, São Miguel – Ponta Delgada (Pt). Check our full W&T 2012 Festival Report.
Special thanks to Jesse, Diana, big & little Lalli, Rui Soares, Pedro Viera, all artists and dedicated crew involved, Luis and the rest of the Bairrio 13 gang and bacon day.

About Walk & Talk – Public Art Festival

Walk & Talk Azores is the international public art festival that annually transforms the Island of São Miguel in a privileged stage for contemporary art. It gathers artists from all over the world to create a route of site-specific installations, that crosses and shares multidisciplinary expressions, conceptualized in it’s relation with space, culture and local communities.

The Festival celebrates the regional culture and heritage, stimulates arts education and encourages a creative industry, valuing the Azores as an unparalleled destination in the contemporary cultural circuits. Promotes interaction and the artistic contamination of wider publics, which usually don’t attend conventional cultural venues, and culminates with the creation of an outdoor museum, inclusive and democratic, where all communicate and to which everyone contributes.