Music For Library


Topo Copy and Cosy Cozy join forces for a series of musical library experiences. Snooping around in The Shelf Library with (live) music, coffee & cake, on a Saturday afternoon.

For each session we invite a musician to play adapted Library Music – live, from an adjoining room – for approx. one hour. These sessions will be recorded and released afterwards under the title “Music for Library”. Before and after the performance Cosy Cozy will put on records.

The Shelf Library is a growing collection and ongoing expo of (fan-)zines, printed art… a unique collection of self-published (fan-)zines, limited edition printed art (-books) and independent publications, with contributions from around the globe. The Shelf Library functions as an expo, one you can touch. Contributions are appreciated. Cosy Cozy is a (dj) duo seeking ways to bring music to people in a cosy atmosphere.

Music For Library #1 — 22/03/2014
Inne Eysermans (Amatorski / per son)