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‘The Green Bastard Garden’ grows plants which you may never have heard of. Weirdos, misfits, naughty plants. Real ‘bastards’. Some are rare and unobtainable. The plants in the garden are not grown for harvest, but for the seeds.

Green Bastards Garden is a project by Willem Van Gucht (concept & gardener), ONBETAALBAAR (concept & design) and Jan Lietaert (documentation) in the context of 100 years of Arts Center VOORUIT.

The seeds will be distibuted in outdated Vooruit-office envelopes. Each variety/envelope has a beautiful drawing by Lotta Mächs printed on the front, and more information on the back, riso printed @ Topo Copy



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ONBETAALBAAR is a research project born out of love for objects. It’s at the same time a workshop and a think tank, a place where cabinet makers, upholsterers, writers, philosophers, handymen, product designers, restorers, graphic designers – workers and thinkers – meet each other in a materialism with emotion.

ONBETAALBAAR starts from the philosophy that the value of object isn’t only economical, but also ecological, artistic and emotional. On the one hand we work with recuperated materials and give them a new life, but on the other hand we think of solutions for everyday practical questions. We design new commodities and make prototypes of them. We transform buildings to give a different view on space.

ONBETAALBAAR invites people to consider what we throw away, to contemplate the story and the identity of an object, to feel how familiar spaces can look differently, to be confronted with the real costs of a well-made object and to join the brainstorm about how to make things better in a human way.

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