DOKRAND is a weekly view on the outskirts of the DOK summer season by Topo Copy. DOKRAND will have 4 editions, each limited to 100 copies, numbered and with a featured DOK-related artist poster on the back.
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Previous Edition: DOKRAND 1/4


Featured Artist: Joeri Van Putten (NL)

Printed & Published by: Topo Copy,
utopic print center for creative peoples

Graphic Design by:
Dries Deriemaeker (aka Studio Smook)
& Jens (aka James) Wijnendaele

Thx 2:  DOK, Véronique Schaillée (Nosekip), Thomas Glorieux (DOKblaster), Hanneke Hendrix (DOKraker), Dennis Gaens, Willem Claassens, Vincent Zegveld, Bert De Geyter, Eva Mouton, El Topo! (#Clipboard Trippin’) & Lust DOKResto.