Maze movoco

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Topo Copy Recordings by Topo Copy, the utopic print center for creative peoples!
We like music to accompany us in our print-related travels!

Our first two releases were manufactured @ The Topo Copy Room during Red Bull Space, a festival celebrating Art, Design & Music @ De Studio, Antwerp (BE) 27/04 -> 30/04. We installed a 4 day open studio a.k.a. exhibition space with prints, machines, zines, a shop & bar, (live-) music, a copybook installation, silk screen & RISO-printing, cassette recording sessions, artists @ work and much more… Good times!


June 2012, limited edition audio cassette (/20)
Blue Cassette, Tape Length: C10 – Riso Printed Cassette Label
A split tape by Maze and Movoco