Topo Copy Expo #1 RISOGRAFIA has been shown at DOK, then moved to Alley guerilla Gallery (Hasselt), museumn8 Amsterdam @ De Brakke Grond, went to Antwerp for the Fiend Projects Art Festival @ Designcenter De Winkelhaak and The Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp @ Trix . Then it hit the streets of Caracas, Venezuela @ La Casa Tomada, and currently up @ Vrijstaat O. – Ostend beach until 30/03/2013

By setting up the project  ‘Risografia’, Topo Copy took its first step forward! Topo Copy invited 24 national and international artists who made a design in two colors, A3 format, for a specific copy machine that prints with cold soy-based ink and one color at a time. The Riso-printer RP 3700. For each design we pulled the paper through the machine two times: once for red and once for blue. This process makes every print unique.

Risografia = an expo, limited edition prints (100expl/artist), a collectors box and a catalog (100 copies). All for sale!

Work by: El Topo (Gent, Ven), Martin Allais (Barcelona, Esp-Ven),  Byram (Bxll), Bue The Warrior (Gent) , David Donceel (Gent), DZIA (Antwerpen) , Marlies De Clerck (Brugge), Ephameron (Antwerpen), Liesbeth Feys (Gent), Mark Goss (Antwerpen, UK), Lig One (Setubal, Port), Thierry Jaspart (Luik), JangoJim (Antwerpen), Kenor (Barcelona, Esp), Pointdextr (Gent), Resto (Gent), Rebus (Gent), Sam Scarpulla (Gent), Zosen (Barcelona, Esp), Uoiba! (Barcelona, Esp), Klaas Van der Linden (Gent), Jan Van der Veken (Gent), James Wijnendaele (Gent), Wesley Wolkman (Antwerpen).

(With support from Stad Gent and thanks to Atlas Copy Gent)