Plan B

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While visiting friends all over Europe, Juan Carlos and Luis Alfredo Herrera, accompanied by their Latina ladyfriends dropped by at Topo Copy and made this special limited edition (40) oversized A3 zine.

PLAN-B, a Topo Copy, Rutina & Cualquier Vaina collaboration

About Rutina & Cualquier Vaina

Rutina is a fanzine composed & published by Juan Carlos Herrera Diprisco (VEN), one of the Herrera brothers. Friends from Topo Copo Crew member Daniel since the dawn of times, and members of the GSC crew from Caracas, Venezuela. Essential characters in the Caracas graffiti scene and award winning party animals.

Rutina is full op personal stuff… like a diary. Up to this point, five issues filled with collages, drawings, pictures and other dirty/funny things. Having a camera in automatic and ready for the unusual, that is rutina!

Cualquier Vaina (Venezuelan for ‘whatever’) is a fanzine done by the whole GSC crew, in which every member is supposed, ‘if we were not so irresponsible’, to bring a double page spread, a fanzine made in Auto CAD, filled with ‘whatever’. They have produced 3 issues so far, all of them received warmly in the underground circuit of Caracas.

Thanks to
Juan Carlos and Luis Alfredo Herrera
Ariadna & Dani (the boobies)
Katrien (Jacques Books)
GSC Venezuela

Cover: The Herrera brothers
Lay-out: Daniel Rivero

Concept & Realisation:
Luis A. Herrera (GSC)
Juan C. Herrera (Rutina)
Jonas nachtergaele (Ladda)
and El Topo! (Gentuza)
Printed by Topo Copy
Jab-Feb 2012

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