TURN THEM PAGES ◊ ARTIST COPYBOOK GALORE! @ Festival van de Creativiteit – 9&10 Nov – Turnhout

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Expo, Open Atelier, Machines, Bar & Music

Topo Copy was invited to join ‘Festival van de Creativiteit’ (by Flanders DC) in Turnhout (BE) … We installed an open atelier a.k.a. exhibition space in a vacant shop in the city center with: prints, copy-machines, zines, a shop & bar, music, artists @ work, paper art and more…

We invited 10 artists to join us, drop by and produce their own limited edition zine, fast and Copybook style! We provided them with the necessary basic tools to get things done, COPY MADNESS!

With: Steve Locatelli (www.locatellisteve.com) – FBS (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fbs/203149243097125) – DZIA (http://www.dzia.be) – Virginia Ramírez & Ivonne Gargano – Eerwaarde Gilles (http://www.gilbertje.be) – Max Postma – JANGOJIM (http://jangojim.blogspot.com) and Gil Guerra (http://ligdsgn.com)

‘Festival van de Creativiteit’
9&10 Nov – Patersstraat 18, Turnhout

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