Topo Copy Paper Art Sale

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Sept 23th 2012 – Times are hard, crisis is hitting globally! But here at Topo Copy, we found a way to survive, … by selling printed paper, let’s call it paper-art! In our quest for survival we realized we’re not alone, so we invited friends and allies to join us in a print related market area @ DOKmarkt, a huge weekly ‘flea-market’ of the better kind on home-grounds! This season, DOK weekly invited a different curator to fill a big piece of the market. This time it was ours! So it was all about prints, zines, paper, ink and art!

Selling Paper Art with Bries, Jacques, Flanibal Lecter, Huis Haas, Alle dagen honger, Laetitia Verhetsel, Smeraldina-Rima and Dead Boys.

CYpress and DonkeyKollektief almost made it but didn’t and Les Tontons Racleurs really wanted to but just couldn’t 🙂

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