Topo Copy Fiend Projects Art festival fanzine!

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Topo Copy participated in the Fiend Projects Art Festival 2012 by making a limited edition (160) Fiendfest fanzine featuring a bunch of artists involved in the project.



About Fiend Projects

Fiend Projects is an artist initiated idea which has been around in various forms for some time, over the last few years we have been producing magazines, organising exhibitions and curating other art related projects.  

Over years of doing these projects we have unintentionally created a varied network of talented individuals; from painters, illustrators and photographers to film makers and make up artists.  

We decided earlier this year that  we should try and do something more with our ideas and our amazing friends and so Fiend Projects was born, we are now active in collaborating with artists on various art related projects such as limited edition clothing, exhibitions and the Fiend Projects Art Festival.
Fiend Projects Art Festival 2012  

The Fiend Projects Art Festival is a culmination of the projects that we curate, all held under one roof and designed to expose young up and coming artists and to engage the viewing public in an interactive exhibition.

For our first festival at the Designcenter de Winkelhaak in our home town of Antwerp, we have arranged for 3 weeks of art shows, workshops, demonstrations, film showings, artist talks and more, from local and international artists.

« – Artist selected and approved by Ladda & Topo Copy – Feb 2012, Tom Van der Borght
Teasing Torso’s, wanna see the full print? »