Shoebox Memories

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One way of looking back at the Ghent skate scene

Shoebox Memories is a limited-edition (/100) publication: images from the Ghent (BE) skate scene between 1989 & 1999. Together with key figures from this legendary period we went on a trip down memory lane. Analogue snapshots, moments, people and places.
Told and untold stories captured in time!


maybe still available at Motto Wiels


Printed & Published by
utopic print center for creative peoples!
Ghent, 01/2013

100 copies – 80 pages,
black & white RISO, Printed on
Muskat New Grey 290g/m2 and
Old Mill bianco 100g/m2 (inside)

Concept & realisation: Brecht Van Dingenen, Jonas Nachtergaele, Jens Weynendaele

Edited by: Dieter Durinck, Brecht Van Dingenen
Binding: Jacques Books
Special thanks to: Jona Foulon

Benjamin Baetens, Bert Anselin, Daan Imschoot, David Neirings, Joe Van Aubel, Manuel “Slick” Thiry, Bert Anselin, Yves Meirlaen, Kenn Volbrecht, Luk De Graef, Dries De Vreeze, Lode Covent, Ferre De Graeve, Christophe “Primo” De paepe, Jens Holmes, Stijn Lammertyn, Christophe Haeck, Steve Dereviere, Adriaan Verwee, Jurgen De Ridder, Antony Gazulla, Hans Verbeke, Joachim Van Herzeele, Steve Caballero, Ray Barbee, Unknown

Yann Bertrand, Mekhitar Garabedian, David Neirings, Klaas Baert, Stijn Lammertyn, Christophe De paepe, Stijn Lammertyn, Nele Hourez, Nathalie Macharis, Tom Deseyne, Frank Cortvriendt, Quinten Tytgat, Jens Anseel, David Naessens

Shoebox Memories is initiated by Brecht Van Dingenen (Social Harmony), powered and published by Topo Copy (Ladda vzw), with support from Alles Kan (Stad Gent). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


The book was launched in January 2013 @ DOK supported by music, unseen local VHS footage and an exhibition of 12 Riso printed images on A3 format taken from the book. We made 15 of each, get yours in our webshop! After the Booklaunch the frames found a new home @ Skatepark Tondelier!




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