Topo Copy Expo #2 PASTE IT ) – Sept 15th until Dec 23th 2011 @ DOKkantine

PASTE IT was a celebration of the movement known as wheat pasting, which has lately gained popularity as a result of the ‘street art boom’ and the work of artists like Shepard Fairey (OBEY campaign) and the French photographer JR (‘Women Are Heroes’ project). It’s a movement that empowers artists by allowing them to expose their work to a wide audience, reclaiming public space and and bypassing the art establishment.

Also local artists like Oli B from Brussels and Squid from Ghent, among many others, have been prolifically wheat pasting their work the last few years, giving the streets of Belgium a well deserved hint of colour and humor for every passer-by to enjoy.

Now we brought this movement to the walls of ‘DOKKantine’. We wanted to put things in perspective by combining and engaging artists who are not adept to this technique to experiment with it, and artists who are used to show their work in the street to bring it indoor in a ‘gallery context’. Therefore creating an eclectic view of what wheat pasting can be…

Work by: Vagabundos, Sam Scarpulla, Piracy League, James Wijnendaele, Stien Bekaert, Squid, Marlies De Clerck, El Topo!, Zosen, Bart ‘bradley’ Bling, Klaas Van der Linden, Liesbeth Feys, Stanislas Lahaut, Oli-B, Nele Fack, Toy Factory, Lig One, Ezequiel Bloise, Resto, Tom Van Brugghe, Groen, fbs-crew, Benji, Dzia, Mister Fiksit, ?

We made a limited (100) edition zine to catalog the show which is volume two of the ‘Topo Copy Series’ on our label ‘Gentuza Books’. It was printed by the end of the show and it’s up for sale (5€). With help from and thanks 2 Fbs and Sweetbeat Bram Laebens!