RUIMTELIJKE INGREEP 001 — A co-publishing adventure with 1STE VERDIEP “BIST DU BEI MIR”  A series of A4 Riso prints by Gudrun Makelberge ONE,  a limited edition (/100) publication by Topo Copy in collaboration with Elke Andreas Boon. Music For Library IV — Jozef Dumoulin — a series of musical library experiences. KEET is a limited edition 4-color Riso booklet about the tiny, mobile home of Bianca Apostol (RO), Daniel Vernooij (NL) and Dok, the dog (SK). ZW/W PAS is a limited edition (200 copies —150 pages) full Riso publication about Zwart Wild by Topo Copy RISOGRAFIA #4 Bill Board, 5 graphic designers who each fill a billboard for a month with a pasted composition of 21 A3 RISO prints — @ DOK DOK 2015 Launch Campaign: Riso printed and re-used for digital purposes & reprint. Once more Topo Copy will be participating in various ways as a DOK resident. Music For Library II Témé Tan — Topo Copy and Cosy Cozy join forces for a series of musical library experiences. Snooping around in The Shelf Library with (live) music. Open Sesame — Topo Copy printwall at CLUB SOCIAL by GENT KUNST: a social-inspired exhibition which hosted a ‘club’ of designers and artists with focus on design. RISOGRAFIA #3 – March To The Beat Of A Different Drummer – a series of blue & yellow A4 riso prints from 40 national and international artists — 1 frame = 40 prints FROM NOTHING TO SOMETHING / DO NADA PARA ALGO  — “A goup of artists going to an island, their work in public space and their process, in a book.” ‘ die magdalena’ a publication made during a three-day residency at WP Zimmer. It shows the Mestizo Arts Festival 2014 program in a Topo Copy way. RESUMÉ: a book by Topo Copy about SECONDroom at DOK — A SUNDAY ONLY EXHIBITION BY A DIFFERENT ARTIST STEAMROLLER PRINTING #3: Making giant prints with approx. 25 artists on concrete with a steamroller. One sketch a day — Riso booklet by Liesbeth De Stercke.  ‘Drawing on the good days and drawing on the bad.’ ILYA PRIGOGINE IN KLEUR — limited edition publication &  public, participatory group exhibition. ‘Amoureux solitaires’ — Artist book by Tine Guns, 80 B/W pages, LE /20 Riso, co-published by 10191 & Topo Copy (Sold Out) Happy to announce and proud to present the DOK 2014 Launch Campaign (design by Topo Copy crew member Dries Deriemaeker) & Topo Copy’s DOK 2014 – Residency SHRIJFT is a (note)book, inspired by (pieces of) submitted text collected on the online writers platform Maracopydrawingthron: ‘Visitors were encouraged to help us achieve the goal of running a marathon (40 km) and draw 100 m at the same time.’ Music For Library,  a series of musical library experiences by Topo Copy & Cosy Cozy. printing ‘Architecture Of Authority’ – a book by Charlotte Van Buylaere and Laurens Schnurrbart Marien. DPFRECORDINGS going analog Working with Stijn Felix 4 color Riso print by Dzia Krank printing S L E C H T E S T I J L by Social Harmony GINOZINE N°4 – the tattoo issue printing with Gert Dooreman ‘Geef om boeken’ RISO A4 by Gerda Dendooven for Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren Torso Beach: a Topo Copy vs ONBETAALBAAR collaboration – Join The Torso Copy Troops 5 colorprint RISO print by Pixel Pancho  – “Mechanical Revolution” Steamroller Printing #2 – Druk op Straat – Topo Copy & MIAT – Sept 2013 – The Full Report DOKRAND 4/4 – a weekly view on the outskirts of the DOK summer season by Topo Copy with a feat. artist poster on the back. Grab yours @ DOK for 0,5€ DOKRAND 3/4 – a weekly view on the outskirts of the DOK summer season by Topo Copy with a feat. artist poster on the back. Grab yours @ DOK for 0,5€ DOKRAND 2/4 – a weekly view on the outskirts of the DOK summer season by Topo Copy with a feat. artist poster on the back. Grab yours @ DOK for 0,5€ DOKRAND 1/4 – a weekly view on the outskirts of the DOK summer season by Topo Copy with a feat. artist poster on the back. Grab yours @ DOK for 0,5€ Sketch- & Copybook: a Topo Copy vs Gráfica do Norte collaboration Ghent (BE) – Ribeira Grande (Pt)  / Make a sketch (& a copy) – UP FOR SALE – 20€ Daily Life @ Walk & Talk (Pt) 2013. Proud to be invited for a second year in a row. Photo report: daily life,  actions and encounters in the festival. Proud to be invited we’re back at Walk&Talk (Pt) – Presenting Copybook 6 and more 100 years of art center Vooruit from a Topo Copy perspective,… a book to help them celebrate RISOGRAFIA #2 — No Boundaries — RISO Expo @ DOK – 27 artists working with blue & green cold soy-ink.  No Boundaries: a theme but no restrictions LA MERDE NORD – Vrijstaat O. print special Topo Copy @ WIELS – Museum Night fever 2013 – Making Copybooks! Shoebox Memories: a limited-edition (/100) publication – images from the Ghent (BE) skate scene between 1989 & 1999. Together with key figures from this legendary period we went on a trip down memory lane. Analogue snapshots, moments, people and places. Told and untold stories captured in time! Topo Copy Expo @ arts center Vrijstaat O. from 13/01 until 23/03 2013 – Ostend (BE) TURN THEM PAGES ◊ COPYBOOK GALORE @ Festival van de Creativiteit – Nov 2012 – Turnhout – The Full Report Topo Copy @ Wholehearted, congress about Youth culture – The Full Report Topo copy @ Walk & Talk Azores Public Art Festival 2012 -> The Full Report! TYPOTRACK – a TRACK (S.M.A.K.) group collab manifesto Remake, Limited Edition /100 Free USE-IT map of Ghent * 4 color RISO RISO printing @ Topo Copy THE TOPO COPY ROOM THE SHELF LIBRARY, a growing collection and ongoing expo of (fan-)zines, printed art… The Shelf Library – Call for zines & printed stuff PLAN-B / a Topo Copy – Rutina & Cualquier Vaina collaboration / limited edition (40) oversized A3 zine. Join the Torso Copy Troops PASTE IT Expo catalog TOPO COPY EXPO #2 PASTE IT TOPO COPY EXPO #1 RISOGRAFIA

Topo Copy is an ‘openlab-research-center’ for print, zines, paper, copy, ink and art … with a selfpublishing label & (zine-)library, activities such as workshops, lectures, interventions and expo’s. We run an ‘open atelier’ with machines for creation using ink and paper. We print Riso.

Riso Printing at Topo Copy


Some time ago we stumbled upon … fell in love with … and got ourselves a RISO RP 3700. A single drum machine, which means for each pass through the printer a single color is printed.

We print Red, Blue, Green, Brown and Black up to A3-format. Get your designs together and print your own RISO – Selling prints is a great way to make some easy money as an artist in times of crisis.


The Shelf Library

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The shelf Library is Topo Copy’s growing collection and ongoing expo of self-publishing (fan-)zines, limited edition, diy, printed art (-books), independent work, … with contributions from around the globe.

This collection travels as an expo, one you can touch! We invite you to add, donate, contribute and send us yours to become part of The Shelf Library!


Webshop — Prints & Books


Get your copies of our selfpublished books, (fan-)zines, expo catalogs … and last but not least our Limited Edition A3 Artist Riso prints.

We’ve been printing a lot and like to see how artists interact and deal with the characteristics and ‘limitations’ of RISO-printing. We seek to meet and print a variety of styles, interesting designs & artists!  Get yours in the Topo Copy webshop!


Keet – Booklet


The Full Report

‘KEET wishes to be accepted and spread as a guide and alternative to the standard model of living/housing.’ A 4-color Riso booklet about the tiny, mobile home of Bianca Apostol (RO), Daniel Vernooij (NL) and Dok, the dog (SK). 

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Steamroller Printing

IMG_5658_web (c) Michiel Devijver

Doing it with a Steamroller

Every year Topo Copy, Helix and Het Miat team up to make giant prints, not on a press but on concrete with a steamroller, a type of heavy construction machinery used for flattening/compacting surfaces, such as roads…

2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015




RISOGRAFIA the sequel. Once more we made a two-colour series of RISO prints with 27 different artists. Again we pulled the paper twice through our beloved RISOGRAPH (RP3700), this time once for blue and once for green cold soy-ink.

RISOGRAFIA #2 – ‘No Boundaries’

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