RISO printing @ Topo Copy

“Topo Copy is open for business. Get your designs together and print your own RISO – Selling prints is a great way to make some easy money as an artist in times of crisis.”

Some time ago we stumbled upon … fell in love with … and bought a RISO RP 3700. A single drum machine, which means for each pass through the printer a single color is printed. We print red, blue, medium blue, green, fluo pink yellow and black up to A3-format, on uncoated paper (max. 250 gsm.)

We’ve been printing a lot with this machine and like to see how artists interact and deal with the characteristics and limitations of RISO printing. We seek to meet and print a variety of styles and interesting designs & artists!

We prefer printing with you on the spot, to make fast decisions, see how you like it, experiment and maybe you’re eager to learn more about the machine, … 

We like making zines, books and other creative paperwork. Inform us about your project, and we’ll try to get things done! Make an appointment >> info@topocopy.org



  About Riso Printing


‘Risograph duplicators were originally created for office & commercial use to produce large volume one or two colour documents at high speed. But the rich spot colours are also ideal for creative graphic arts applications and the prints have a wonderful look and feel which is quite unique.

The machine works by transferring artwork from a digital file onto a thin plastic master sheet. This is then wrapped around a single colour drum which rotates whilst pushing ink through the master onto the paper below. Multi-colour images are  achieved by switching the colour drums and running the paper through again to print multiple layers as you would when screen printing.’ (manymono.com)

Riso inks are soy based and the screens (masters) are made from banana paper. The machine is highly energy efficient and almost all house papers are recycled.

We couldn’t have done a better job in explaining HOW TO PREPARE ARTWORK FOR RISO PRINTING
so just have a look at A PERFECT HOW TO by Risotto Studio.  It has everything you need to know to get your design ready for print.


Printing Prices


We try to be as cheap as possible for artists! In exchange we ask some printed artwork (artist prints/books) we can sell to help Topo Copy expanding. We’ll print approx. 10 extra copies for the Topo Copy shop and will sell them at the same price you do. Printing for organizations (events, flyers, posters, … ) will cost more. Admit it, you guys have more money 🙂

Get in touch to get a quote that fits your project. For artist prints, posters, flyers, … we have a system that works with a startupcost. For books and other bigger projects we work with a fixed price/day.

Artist Startup 2 color print *35,0€ / design
One side printed — 0,35€ / print
Example: 100 A3 prints one side would cost: 35€+ 35€ = 70€ (excl. VAT)
(* for more colors we charge an extra 10€/layer)

Startup 2 color print *45,0€ / design
One side printed — 0,45€ / print

Example: 100 A3 prints one side would cost: 35€+ 45€ + 12€ = 92€
(* for more colors we charge an extra 10€/layer)


Why RISO Colors are fun


The RISO colors are not 100% opaque so they are easily blended to make new colours. As well as blending the 100% tones of the colors, it is also possible to blend any combination of tints together to produce color variants. A third color can be easily made out of combining two colors. Photographic reproductions are possible by printing with a variation of YMYK.

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