Week 35: ZINES OF THE ZONE & BAC — Best Available Copy



Topo Copy is teaming up with SECONDroom gent and we are slowly handing them over our former headquarters at DOK by co-curating artists in May and June 2014. By the end of the season we will publish a catalog about the project. ‘Every Sunday between May and September 2014, another artist is shown. They get the key to a room a week before the opening. As the duration of the exhibition is limited to a vernissage, it gets the character of an event.’

Week 35: ZINES OF THE ZONE & BAC — Best Available Copy.

ZINES OF THE ZONE (FR) is a traveling library, focused on photozines, self-published photobooks, and any other DIY printed matter.Their idea is to create a European network and generate a public collection out of these alternative practices. From January to July 2014, they are traveling throughout Europe in order to collect and show books at the same time. In each city of the tour, an event is organized (book exhibition, talks, workshops, etc). There, they meet people (authors, publishers, book-lovers,…), integrate new books, present the project and show the growing collection. To celebrate the arrival of ZINES OF THE ZONE, Egon Van Herreweghe & Dominique Somers made a second edition of BAC — Best Available Copy. There was “Automobile Tire Printing” involved and a pasted piece of Ruscha’s Sunset Strip.

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