Topo Copy @ Walk & Talk Azores 2012 – The full Report

Topo copy @ Walk & Talk Azores Public Art Festival 2012 – São Miguel – Portugal (July 27 – Aug 12) – The Full report!


The international public art festival that annually transforms the Island of São Miguel in a privileged stage for contemporary art. It gathers artists from all over the world to create a route of site-specific installations, that crosses and shares multidisciplinary expressions, conceptualized in it’s relation with space, culture and local communities.

The Festival celebrates the regional culture and heritage, stimulates arts education and encourages a creative industry, valuing the Azores as an unparalleled destination in the contemporary cultural circuits. Promotes interaction and the artistic contamination of wider publics, which usually don’t attend conventional cultural venues, and culminates with the creation of an outdoor museum, inclusive and democratic, where all communicate and to which everyone contributes.

Proud to be invited, Topo Copy went to the Walk & Talk Public Art Festival on the island of São Miguel in Portugal. We did various interventions at different locations (Walk & Talk galeria, Art Gallery & Bar Arco8, Hotel Marina Atlantico restaurant Rotas, Park Jd Antero Quenta, district Rabo de Peixe, …) and presented our expos RISOGRAFIA, Torso Copy, We are doing it with a steam roller and a selection of Artist Prints from the ‘Printed Copy @ Topo’ collection, and more …



We worked with 10 participating festival artists on a Special walk & Talk Riso A3 Print series, limited to 100 copies each. They were signed and numbered  once we arrived at the festival. Prints by: Mário Belém (Pt), Eime (Pt), add fuel to the fire a.k.a. Diogo Machado, Sainer—Etam Cru (Pl), Bezt—Etam Cru (Pl), Natalia Rak (Pl), Okuda (Es), eme (Es), ColorBlind (Pt), Hazul (Pt)

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By adding a functional copy-machine and the accompanying slogan ‘copy and contribute to the copybook’ to the Walk & Talk Galeria we captured moments, images, sketches, drawings, copy’s, …collected by artists and galeria vistors! To be assembled in a special Walk & Talk Copybook (fanzine style).



We managed to record, produce and release our third Limited Edition (20) Cassestte Release on Topo Copy Recordings during the festival. Sons da ilha fixe, contains two audio-collages (approx 5 min each) with field-recordings, island sounds, talks and other festival fragments. More recordings and raw footage on Soundcloud





Topo Copy went walking and talking (audio-talks) with the festival artists,  staff, volunteers, and organizers. Raw footage, great and inspiring talks! Thanks to all willing victims!