Sons da ilha fixe

Topo Copy Recordings by Topo Copy, the utopic print center for creative peoples!
We like music to accompany us in our print-related travels!


Augustus 2012, limited edition audio cassette (/20)
Green Cassette, Tape Length: C10 – Handmade Cover & Cassette Label – 5€

Recorded and manufactured @ Walk & Talk Azores Public Art festival 2012, São Miguel – Portugal. We presented our Risografia, Torso and steamroller expo’s, made a special series of RISO prints by participating festival-artists, played a special Dj-set, made Walk & Talk audio interviews, made a copybookfanzine, and …. we recorded local island sound for this Limited Edition (20) Topo Copy Recordings cassette release. (Check our Full Festival Report)

Sons da ilha fixe! São Miguel – Portugal
Shoutouts, field recordings, conversations, …. and more! Collage.


released 09 August 2012
Concept & realisation: Topo Copy (Ladda & El Topo!) and Walk&Talk
Cover design by Patricia Matos a.k.a. plastessina
Sound design: Jonas Nachtergaele


All the recordings, raw footage and talks


About Walk & Talk Azores Public Art Festival 2012 – Portugal (27 JUL – 12 AUG)

Walk&talk Azores is the international public art festival that annually transforms the Island of São Miguel in a privileged stage for contemporary art. It gathers artists from all over the world to create a route of site-specific installations, that crosses and shares multidisciplinary expressions, conceptualized in it’s relation with space, culture and local communities.

The Festival celebrates the regional culture and heritage, stimulates arts education and encourages a creative industry, valuing the Azores as an unparalleled destination in the contemporary cultural circuits. Promotes interaction and the artistic contamination of wider publics, which usually don’t attend conventional cultural venues, and culminates with the creation of an outdoor museum, inclusive and democratic, where all communicate and to which everyone contributes.


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