About Topo Copy, utopic print center for creative peoples.

Topo Copy is an ‘openlab-research-center’ for print, zines, paper, copy, ink and art … with a selfpublishing label & library, activities such as workshops, lectures, interventions and expo’s. We run an open atelier with machines for creation using ink and paper! We print Riso!



Topo Copy
a project by El Topo
Jonas Nachtergaele (a.k.a. Copy)
Jens Wijnendaele & Dries Deriemaeker

El Topo

El Topo!, born in Caracas, Venezuela (1985)
Lived in Liege (BE), Paris (FR) and has been based in Ghent since 2007. Daniel is a freelance graphic designer, street artist, painter, photographer, curator … and co-founder of ‘The Gentuza Graphic Collective’ and ‘Topo Copy! He studied graphic design, photography, advertising and gastronomy. His alter ego, TOPO, came to life in 2005, Caracas, as a way to express himself in public spaces and later on to expose his work with friends in DIY art shows in Caracas. Inspired by graffiti, design, propaganda and the power of repetition, this alter ego and its activities have developed through time and have become a focus and a way of life! Topo’s work can be found in galleries as well as in the streets of Belgium, Venezuela, Holland, Spain, Hungary, Germany and so on. http://hellotopo.com

Jonas Nachtergaele a.k.a. Copy (Ladda R.I.P.)

Ladda was a small non-profit organization, intrigued by developments in society, underground movements and how young people interact with that. Within this context Ladda looked and operated in an obstinate manner, gathering and sharing its knowledge & insights. Ladda’s former creative director Jonas Nachtergaele (a.k.a. Copy) co-created Topo Copy with El Topo within the context of Espace Ladda (Ladda’s temporary Research Gallery In Progress & On The Move). http://www.loosefeet.be

Jens Wijnendaele

Jens a.k.a. James has a background in ‘graphic design’. Once in a while he allows himself an artistic excursion.

Dries Deriemaeker

Dries Deriemaeker (Belgium, 1988) is a graphic designer.

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