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Summer School Of Making

RISO printing Workshop Summer School Of Making ’14 – Howest – Industrial Design Center

Subbacultcha.be – Featured Artist – September 2014, Liesbeth De Stercke

Subbacultcha! Belgium – The Art Issue Ft. El Neoray (selected by KOP), Liesbeth De Stercke a.k.a. One sketch a day (selected by Topo Copy) and more… is out now.

Levis Ambiance House

Riso interactive print installation Levis Ambiance House, Bxll – 21/5/2014

Church of Ra

Consouling Sounds adds a new chapter to its story with the opening of the Consouling Store, accompanied by a Church of Ra (Amenra members in an artist, craftsman and music… Read more »

printing with Social Harmony – RP GM KRC (aka DYNOOO VS Ssaliva)

printing with Social Harmony – RP GM KRC (aka DYNOOO VS Ssaliva) – a limited edition (/60) tape release recorded live at NEST 2K12. Risograph Artwork printed at Topo Copy.

printing with DOORZON interieur architecten


The First Time Forever

“The first time forever”, a collaborative work by Sarah Eechaut & Damien Aresta (PLMD vs L’Amicale Books vs Autobahn vs Topo Copy) a Riso book (/100) printed at Autobahn and… Read more »

DJ Michel Gentil – Le Frisson Des Occultistes by Social Harmony

90 Minute Occult Psych Mixtape – Risograph Artwork printed at Topo Copy. Edition of 80 by Social Harmony    

printing ‘Architecture Of Authority’

printing ‘Architecture Of Authority’ – a book by Charlotte Van Buylaere and Laurens Schnurrbart Marien. Layout by Ferre Sergeant Marnef, 150 copies, printed at Topo Copy.

DPFRECORDINGS going analog

DPFRECORDINGS going analog, … a little something Riso-fanzine extra to go with their upcoming release. T.b.c.