The First Time Forever

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“The first time forever”, a collaborative work by Sarah Eechaut & Damien Aresta
(PLMD vs L’Amicale Books vs Autobahn vs Topo Copy)

a Riso book (/100) printed at Autobahn and a series of 15 A3 Riso prints (/10) printed at Topo Copy.


The collaborative book The First Time Forever, is a mutual work based on the Conditional Design Manifesto that states that the process is rather important than the product himself.

‘As a photographer, designer or musician, we do the same things everyday. The way we see, do or think is our own. That’s what makes us who we are. But on the other hand, in our practice, we also need to constantly do things differently. Experiment. Evolve. It’s a kind of paradox. We do the same things every day but we also do them differently every day. Like a quest for something being new every time you do it. Waking up in the morning doing the same thing differently. Doing it for the first time, forever.’


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