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Brøt magazine

Topo Copy featured in BrØt Magazine, … a school assignment @ KASK (School of Arts – department Graphic Design). Each student had to pick content from a series of pictures… Read more »

Torso Copy = office prank?

Some (Dutch) thoughts about Topo Copy Expo #3 Torso Copy in a local magazine ‎“We zijn er nog niet uit of we het nu een uit de hand gelopen kantoorgrap… Read more »

Plan B

While visiting friends all over Europe, Juan Carlos and Luis Alfredo Herrera, accompanied by their Latina ladyfriends dropped by at Topo Copy and made this special limited edition (40) oversized… Read more »

Torso Copy = Fotocupy?

Ben Van Alboom writes about Torso Copy on strictly Personal  

Topo Copy On The Move

Co-founder and Topo Copy Crew member Topo has left to spread some Topo Copy love & creations in Caracas, Venezuela. Exchange!  

Time to pick up Plan-B @ Jacques

Time to pick up Plan-B @ Jacques! Plan-B is a Topo copy, Rutina & Cualquier Vaina oversized limited edition (40) zine-collaboration in the making. Red glue keeps it together, thanks… Read more »

Plan-B — making of

a Topo copy, Rutina & Cualquier Vaina collaboration.  

MisterFiksit made it stick


Torso Vos

One torso in front, 27 in the back! (Pictures by Dominique Dierick) It’s up and running, Topo Copy Expo #3 TORSO COPY. Feb 4th until March 15th 2012 @ DOKkantine…. Read more »

Topo Copy’s mobile shop @ DOK(kofferbak)markt