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Topo Koffie

Having a Topo Koffie while hanging our Torso Copy Expo!

Teasing Torso’s, wanna see the full print?

Teasing Torso’s. Wanna see the full prints? Checkout Topo Copy Expo #3 TORSO COPY. Old School body copy, we just had to get this over and done with!    

Topo Copy Fiend Projects Art festival fanzine!

Topo Copy participated in the Fiend Projects Art Festival 2012 by making a limited edition (160) Fiendfest fanzine featuring a bunch of artists involved in the project.      … Read more »

Subbacultcha.be – Artist selected and approved by Ladda & Topo Copy – Feb 2012, Tom Van der Borght

The Fashion Issue of the Belgian edition of Subbacultcha! Magazine. Featuring Blouse, Ital, Gauntle Hair and more. Each month, Ladda and Topo Copy! select a featured artist! This time we… Read more »

Life is good @ Topo Copy

Preparing Topo Copy Expo #3 TORSO COPY

Topo copy went to school today, lessons in paper

and yes, we did place an order.  

Historical printing department ‘MIAT’

We had a good chat with the historical printing department of MIAT. What a nice and fully operational collection of old machinery! We can’t wait to collaborate!    

RISOGRAFIA – Liesbeth Feys

lucky 7, we can call it a series now!

7 Topo Copy zines!

Fiend Projects Art Festival fanzine – the making of

just finished our RISO covers for the Fiend Projects Art Festival fanzine. The zine should be ready by Saturday!