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Subbacultcha.be – Artist selected and approved by Ladda & Topo Copy – Sept 2011, Dzia

This is the first Belgian edition of Subbacultcha magazine. Exciting. It is the Don’t Try This at Home issue. Featuring Ford and Lopatin, Rainbow Arabia, Tweak Bird and lots more…. Read more »

Topo Copy Expo #1 – RISOGRAFIA catalog

Check out the RISOGRAFIA Expo Catalog! We made a limited (100) edition zine about our first Expo @ DOK Read all about ‘RISOGRAFIA’

Risografia _Scans.

Ok, we scanned them all      

LIGONE – Risografia pictures


Laser vs Stamp

Today we tryed lasering the collectorsbox for the RISOGRAFIA-Expo @ Timelab, but it would have taken us to long to laser them all, so we lasered ourselfs a Stamp we… Read more »

Risografia_the making of, video


‘Copy and contribute to the copybook’ With this slogan we asked people visiting the temporary Gallery –  Espace Ladda #6 SHARE to use a basic copymachine and drop their result… Read more »