The Topo Copy Room @ Red Bull Space

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We’ve been invited by Villanella & Red Bull to setup a room @ Red Bull Space, a ‘festival’ celebrating Art, Design & Music in Antwerp from 27/04 until  30/04. We will install the room as an open atelier a.k.a. exhibition space. Expect the best of our print collection on the walls, a shop, hangout, bar with (live-) music,  atelier with copy machines where you can see artists at work,  and where visitors can contribute to new creations with ink and paper.



We present: RISOGRAFIA and TORSO COPY, both RISO A3 print series, and we will exhibit ‘The Shelf Library’, our growing collection and ongoing expo of (fan-)zines, printed art, …


Topo Copy invited 24 national and international artists who made a design in two colors, A3 format, for a specific copy machine that prints with cold soy-based ink and one color at a time. The Riso-printer RP 3700. For each design we pulled the paper two times through the machine. One time for red, one time for blue. This process makes every print unique. (Read all about RISOGRAFIA)


Old School body copy, we just had to get this over and done with, so we went looking for people (men and women) who were willing to go topless on our RISO printer / copymachine. With either boobs, a third nipple, scars, chest piercings, chest/belly tattoos, birthmarks, … and just regular hairy flesh. Result: a colorful series of torso’s, 33 RISO prints! (Read all about TORSO COPY)


Topo Copy has been collecting (fan-)zines and printed art through an open call for some time now. With ‘The Shelf Library’ we put the collection on shelves and keep expanding. We started small but hope to get this huge, for that ☛ WE STILL NEED YOU TO CONTRIBUTE! We invite you to add, donate, swap, contribute, send us your self-publishing (fan-)zines, limited edition printed art, independent publications and become part of The Shelf Library! (Read all about The Shelf Library)



We will invite a bunch of artists to join us, drop by, collaborate  and work on new products: artist prints, a cassette-release a day, copybook(s), …

We will have our RISO RP 3700 in The Topo Copy Room, for you to use! Head over and make your own limited-edition (20) Riso-print for free! Just leave some behind for the Topo Copy archive.

Each day we’ll try to produce a fresh limited edition cassette-release. We will invite musicians and other fellow artists to collaborate in the atelier to create a series of Topo Copy casettes.

‘Copy and contribute to the copybook’. With this slogan we encourage visitors to use our copymachines and drop their results in a box. Once we reach 50 contributions, we start printing the first (limited edition, 50expl.) books on the fly/spot!



We’ll have our partner – – providing us with live music on Friday (27/04).

 21:00 The happy kids  – Austrian punk duo
 23:00 Surprise concert  – This surprise act just released a new album called Hollandaze, have a google …


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