Walk & Talk Azores Public Art Festival – Artist Print Special

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Topo Copy is going to the Walk & Talk Azores Public Art Festival
July 27 – Aug 12 Azores, S.Miguel – Portugal!

We started printing a series of RISO A3 prints with designs by participating artists in the festival to add to the expo, …We’ll be working on new releases for our cassette-label Topo Copy Recordings with live & local recorded music, … we’ll be photocopying for an Azores-island-Copybook edition, … and last but not least we’ll be having some Torso Copy fun, and maybe more…

Prints by EIME, ColorBlind, Hazul, Mário Belém, add fuel to the fire a.k.a. Diogo Machado, Sainer (Grupa Etam), …

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