Torso Marathon

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Join The Torso Copy Troops
12 hours of Torso printing – ‘If you have never copied your body … you should!’


We’ve been making torso-prints for some time now and so the Troops are growing. Before the marathon, 60 people already joined the Troops, we had an expo, made some T-shirts, …. but there’s more, …. Once we reach to goal of 300 torso’s we’ll make The Torso Book.

During the last weekend of DOK we held a Torso marathon in order to reinforce the Torso Copy Troops. Once more we went looking for people, young and old, men, women and children who are willing to go topless on our RISO printer / copy machine. With either boobs, a third nipple, scars, chest piercings, chest/belly tattoos, birthmarks, holes or any special brand that would make a unique torso print.

Join The Torso Copy Troops

During The Torso Marathon 18 people joined The Torso Copy Troops



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